A Story of Love and Sacrifice

A Story of Love and Sacrifice

Last week, the staff and volunteers at Indianapolis Animal Care & Control were extremely moved by the sacrifice two girls were willing to make in the name of love.  These girls met our lovely Georgia (who’d been at the shelter since June!) at the PetSmart Adopt-a-Thon and fell in love.   Just a couple of days later, they came to IACC and adopted her.  The most moving part is that the girls used the money they had saved to see the band One Direction to adopt Georgia instead.

This story has attracted our community’s attention, and there is now an effort to get these girls the tickets to the One Direction concert they so deserve for displaying such self-less giving in the name of love for a shelter dog.  Please join our friend Nichole in her quest to attract One Direction’s attention with this beautiful story.  These girls are an inspiration!


  1. These girls deserve a great surprise from you! Please reward their extraordinary good deed!!!!

  2. Deb Williams

    I don’t have any connection to help with tickets for the concert, but I am touched by the story. Thank you for sharing a happy ending!

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