About Us

The Friends Foundation was established through the dedicated efforts of concerned volunteers and leaders of Indianapolis Animal Care Services to address the problem of homeless and unwanted pets in our community.  It is our primary purpose to help save the lives and support the welfare of our city’s shelter animals.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services takes in roughly 16,000 lost, homeless, abused, abandoned, surrendered and neglected animals each year. The Friends Foundation was founded to help offset the costs of life-saving and comfort-creating items and events for the shelter and the animals that have to temporarily call it home.

The Friends Foundation is not affiliated with any other organization or entity.  Our only affiliation is to the thousands of cats, dogs, and other animals who find themselves brought to the shelter and depend upon the caring and energetic staff for their health, their comfort and their lives.  We believe we can assist in the reduction of animal overpopulation in our Indianapolis community by diligently and passionately raising awareness about the animals at IACS and advocating on their behalf.

We hope you will join us in this important work.