Helping Indianapolis Animal Care Services

Helping the animals at Indianapolis Animal Care Services and the staff that care for them can take many different forms.  Here are some of the ways YOU can make a difference:


Making a donation to the Friends Foundation is the simplest and easiest way to make a lasting impression for the animals and staff at IACS. Your donation is a tax deductible gift that will be used to help more animals get adopted and provide medical care to animals that enter the shelter in need of treatment. Donations to the Friends Foundation also pay for shelter upgrades that directly impact the lives of the animals. In the past, the Friends Foundation has purchased outdoor dog runs, shade sails for outdoor play spaces, elevated beds for kennels and new, easy-to-clean expanded cat enclosures that allow space for cats to play or rest undisturbed.


Fostering for the Indianapolis Animal Care Services is a great way to support the shelter and help one animal (or a litter if you prefer) on their road to a wonderful forever home. Fosters are provided everything they need to care for an animal for the short or long-term. To learn more about fostering, please email


It’s amazing what a few hours a week can do to help. Volunteers for Indianapolis Animal Care Services are always needed and the experience can change the life of the volunteer and the animals they care for. For information about volunteering, please email


Adopting from Indianapolis Animal Care Services is the gift to an animal that no other gift can match. You’re giving the gift of love, family and a lifetime of friendship. When the time comes to add a pet to your family, adopt from IACS and you’ll be making the biggest impact possible. See current adoptable animals at Indianapolis Animal Care Services.